Portable Air Doctor and Virus Buster effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses.

What is Air Doctor? Air Doctor gives you a good hygiene life and comfortable feeling wherever you go, thanks to the power of solid chloride dioxide which provides a space that is microorganisms-free.

• Strong Antibacterial Effect: Solid chloride dioxide has two and a half times more oxidizing power than general chlorine agents used for disinfectant. Effectively eliminates bacteria, mold, etc.
• Strong Deodorization: During oxidation, gives off chlorine oxide gas, and it decomposes hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan and other causes of bad odor emitted from the septic matter.
• Safe to Use: United Nations Food Committee approved Solid Chloride dioxide as Class A-1 which is in the same category as sugar and salt.

Where to Wear Air Purification Card

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Air Doctor Price in Nigeria

How much is air Doctor in Nigeria? Well the price of air Doctor or Virus Buster in Lagos Nigeria depends on the quality and its always fluctuating. So its better you contact us through Whatsapp for the recent cost of Air Doctor in Nigeria. Below is the current break down:

Air Doctor Price

Retail Price N20,000/pc | Buy Now

Wholesale Price N180,000/pack containing 12 pieces

Virus Buster Price

Retail Price N12,000/pc | Buy Now

Wholesale Price N10,000/pc if buying more than 10pcs

Virus Shut Out

Retail Price N7,000/pc

Wholesale Price N5,000/pc if buying more than 10pcs

Air Doctor Distributors & Retailers Needed

If you are interested in selling our Air Doctor or Virus Buster in your state and looking for supplies then fill our form for free and we will contact. You must be prepared to buy in bulk in other to get them at discounted rates. You can get the current Air Doctor price in Nigeria by belonging to this platform.

You will be required to Fill the form below and then directed to a whatsapp group page where prices are constantly updated. The whatsapp step is optional but necessary to be current with the ever changing prices of Air Sanitizer in Nigeria. We will update you on other hot selling COVID 19 prevention and control products