Automatic Hand Dryers

Automatic infra red sensor hand dryer in lagos nigeria

Wet hands? No issues, Cleaneat Integrated Services Offer a wide range of hand dryers like push button hand dryer or automated sensor hand dryer. Hand washing is an important part of hygiene, and so an effective method of drying the hands necessary. Hand dryer is really cost effective when compared to paper towels. Hand dryer require very less maintenance when compared to paper towels, which must be replaced. Cleaneat is one of the top dealers of electric hand dryers in Nigeria. We deal on major brands like Brimix

Proper hand washing hygiene continues to be the most important component in killing bacteria even more than alcohol based hand sanitizers. Our automatic hand dryer uses high-speed sheets of unheated air to dry your hands quickly and as hygienically as paper towels while creating 70 percent less carbon emissions. And without the potential for other hazards such as overflowing bins and clogged toilets.

Brimix Automatic Electric Air Hand Dryer

Description of BRIMIX Auto Hand Dryers:
Auto Hand Dryer are huge cost saving they bring to business. This is valuable advantage as warm moist condition in a public restroom are ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Hand Dryer are practically maintenance free. Paper towels demand regular stocking of fresh towels and disposal ones. Because the dryers are maintenance free they are also labor-saving devices. A cost comparison between Hand Dryers and paper towels reveals that hand dryers can bring down the operations cost.

Features of BRIMIX Auto Hand Dryers:
Electronic hand-dryer
Strong metal housing
Easy operation
Infrared proximity switch
If required can also be plugged in
Integrated installation kit for wall-mounting
High safety due to temperature protection
Thermal cut out for overload protection

Specifications of BRIMIX Auto Hand Dryers:
Model: TH92001
Color: White
Type: Hand Dryer
Voltage: 220-230 V/50 Hz
Rated Power: 1500W
Sensor Range: 50-150 MM
Wind Speed: >10M/S
Air Temperature: >54C
Net Weight: 2.4 Kg
Dimension: W280 x D240 x H220
Water Proof Protect: IPx1
Electric Shock Protect: Class II
Origin: China

Hotellerie Chrome-plated finish

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