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October 5, 2017
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 Cockroach Control Services in Nigeria

Cleaneat Integrated Services in Ikeja, is the leading cockroach control service provider in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide effective and lasting treatment solutions against cockroach infestation in residential and business premises. Our highly trained pest control field officers provide a quick and reliable service to eliminate cockroach infestation.

Cockroach infestation poses a health hazard for they are known to roam in dirty places and can easily spread diseases such as salmonella, dysentery and gastro-enteritis. Call us today for a quick response to stop their multiplication and spread.

The main species of cockroaches are;

  • Common or oriented cockroaches-Malta Orientals
  • German cockroach- Blattella Gemanical
  • American Cockroaches- Periplanete Americana
  • Brown handed cockroache- Supella longi pulpa

Cockroaches have higher breeding potential because

  • The oothecae contain more eggs
  • Hatching and development periods are shorter
  • Protection of eggs in afforded by the  female
  • Preserve like, food poisoning, amoebic dysentery, gastro
  • Human and dog hook worm, tape worms are associated with cockroaches

Cleaneat Integrated Services through our professional Pest control Services in Nigeria has implemented methods of treating and preventing pests from your  premises like:-

  • Baiting, Contact, sprays , smokes, fumigation gel applicants and application
  • Method like proper waste disposal have also being advises to control cockroach
  • Proper  house keeping
  • Sealing of potential habourages with  contents
  • Insecticide, fumigation and detector are highly used by pest control technicians to prevent roaches