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November 8, 2017
snake prevention

The good news about snakes is that running into them is fairly rare. Despite their fearsome reputation, most species of snakes are shy and do not want to confront humans. Most will not seek out humans, and if they do attack, it is done for defensive reasons because they have been stepped on or their habitat has been disturbed.

However, snakes do sometimes end up around houses and buildings and do need some control and therefore, removal.

Snakes range from being an unsightly irritant to deadly pests that can plague commercial spaces, warm storage units and factories. Ensuring the removal and prevention of snake infestation is vital for safety.
CLEANEAT fumigation and pest control services uses a non-lethal chemical which acts as a repellent when applied on surfaces and the periphery of structures, creating a barrier to entry.


CLEANEAT offers an annual contract with monthly check ups
Designed to act as a preventive measure, our service stops snakes from entering the premises thereby stopping the problem at its source.