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PPE or Personal Protection Equipment is essential when working in a medical environment. CLEANEAT stock an approved range of PPE supplies used in the care industry to keep yourself and patients successfully protected; whether it be during surgery, in hospital or a similar nursing environment. We are one of the top medical ppe suppliers in Nigeria.

Quality Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is vital to ensuring you or your employees are protected from health and safety risks whilst at work. We provide solutions for industrial safety. We understand the value of having the most accurate and comprehensive solutions for industrial safety under one roof. So we went ahead and found the products that cover almost all applications, situations and needs. We are diverse, experienced and ready to meet your needs.
The products we represent are from established and reputable manufacturers, leaders in their respective fields of expertise

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Due to the current Corona Virus global Pandemic, we are currently looking for how we can be of help to each other. So contact us if you sale PPE products in Nigeria at wholesale prices. If you fall under this category please click the button below to register

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If you are interested in selling PPE in your state and looking for supplies then fill our form for free and we will contact. You must be prepared in bulk in other to get them in discounted rates. You can get the current price of disposable gloves in Nigeria by belonging to this platform. Fill the form below